Property Specific Data

Our extensive GIS gives you the ability to gather any relevant property information all in one place, without having to use multiple resources.

Comparable Sales

In addition to having the ability to create your own notes and drawings in our GIS system, our comparable sales tool gives you a real-time list of relevant comparable sales data on commercial and residential properties.

Identify Impacts to Properties

Protect investments in current assets and identify potential sites for procurement by identifying direct and indirect impacts to those sites for up to 10 years into the future.

Property and Asset Management

With these tools conveniently located in one place and continuously being updated, you gain the advantage in every aspect of a purchase or sale, in lease negotiation and renewal, planning or negotiating access and use with permitting agencies.

Growth Data Systems possesses an exclusive national public improvement database that allows you to identify general growth, traffic changes, property impacts, and FUTURE development. Data that gives you the advantage over competitors and enables you to make informed decisions in current and future investments.

With 10+ years of compiling extensive data combined with the utilization of an optimized GIS platform, Growth Data Systems arms its clients with a unique and powerful business tool that facilitates timely, intelligent decisions and unlocks value-added opportunities.

Industries innovating with Growth Data Systems


Commercial Real Estate Management

Commercial Real Estate Management

Commercial Real Estate Management

Real Estate Investment & Development

Commercial Real Estate Management

National Brand Chains

Commercial Real Estate Management

Engineering and Construction

Empower your business with unmatched data

We deliver critical forward-looking data that’s unavailable from any other company, an extensive GIS platform, and innovative management tools.

In a constantly changing world, unique data and GIS technology provides greater business intelligence for more successful, resilient organizations that can withstand the most severe disruptions and still thrive to better serve their shareholders.


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