Identification of Impacted PropertiesIdentification of Impacted Properties

Impact data is compiled from all forms of federal, state, gas and electrical infrastructure development. Continuous monitoring of your properties by Growth Data Systems will provide the insight needed to make the most advantageous decisions regarding the future use of property investments. Knowledge of potential future impacts up to 10 years in advance of actual construction commencement will carry weight in cost saving decisions. As an example, in the event that relocation is needed due to a future impact, you may retract remodeling plans and secure a new site before your competitors are privy to the impact information and before potential cost increases of available new sites.

Concurrently, Growth Data Systems provides site impact and traffic shift data reports for any future site being considered for purchase or development. Property impacts may grossly affect an areas traffic flow, housing development locations and demographics. Foreknowledge of these impacts equips you with the ability to leverage this data for growth in the most opportunistic site locations.