Growth Data Systems is a database service that identifies and continuously updates information about Public Improvement projects.  GDS has the ONLY national database of public improvement projects.  Our database includes, but is not limited to, railway, road, bridge, airport, school, power line, and pipeline projects throughout the United States. Our team of highly experienced data technicians are available for follow up requests and custom searches.  Let us track and/or identify the properties or projects that are most important to your business!

Property owners and companies can leverage this data by:

  • Anticipating value and suitability for specific property uses and improvements;
  • Anticipating temporary and permanent roadway construction impacts;
  • Assessing changes to access, ingress and egress, and on-site circulation including traffic restrictions due to the installation of roadway medians;
  • Predicting local demographic changes due to public improvement projects;
  • Forecasting changes in traffic flow or count due to public infrastructure projects;
  • Using the available information to negotiate or re-negotiate leasehold interests and easements
  • Making informed decisions regarding the sale of property, price setting and timing of a sale.
Growth Data Systems offers not only a national GIS database of Funded Public Improvement Projects, but also a visual depiction of the limits of planned projects that have not begun or been approved, and projects that not only directly impact the property, but also indirectly impact the property in ways such as access or denial of left-hand turn traffic.  Information that is critical to planning and getting the best use of a property in an ever-changing environment.

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